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Celso de Lemos, haute couture for your home.
The exquisite and timeless designs are inspired by nature and fashion;
with endless possible combinations for a bedding ensemble that reflects the unique point of view of the end-user.

From bobbin to fantastic fabrics,
the Celso de Lemos team can weave dreams.

Offering “sur mesure” linens to fulfill the unique vision of an individual.
Customization includes the application of monograms, family crest, estate or yacht emblems, and embroidery.
Celso de Lemos is an exclusive brand that produces unique pieces for unique customers.
Thanks to the fact we own or own production, we guarantee fantastic flexibility to fulfill customer’s wishes.

The brand is at the top for exclusive residential projects
as well as dressing up yachts and planes.

Embroidery & Monograms
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Everything starts with a desire for commitment.

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