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Satin - 100% Egyptian Cotton Giza ELS - 1400 Thread Count

‘Amanda’ is super luxurious bed linen woven from the extremely rare Egyptian Extra Long Staple cotton, Giza 45, with a thread count of 1400 threads per inch and a super lightweight of 118 g/ m2.

‘Giza’ refers to the region along the majestic Nile where these exclusive cotton flowers are traditionally cultivated.
The climate is perfect to grow this noble plant and the green delta of the Nile provides a natural irrigation of the cotton fields.
The figure ’45’ is as a ‘’grand cru’’ amongst the cotton plants.

Giza 45, aka the Queen of the Nile, is undeniable the highest-rated and most exclusive cotton in the world: the production represents less than 0,1 percent of the annual Egyptian cotton production.

The rarety of this cotton, its’ extraordinary qualities, the artisanal cultivation, the manual harvest, ensure you have a highly luxurious, finest and exclusive bed linen.

Duvet Cover Standard Closing - Zipper

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Naturel 101

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